The beating heart of our business since 1660


The variety of spaces and craftsmen is what makes The Yard unique. A place where people meet, hands work their magic and ideas take shape!

Originally solely used by the Groves family and business it is now home to an eclectic range of independent workshops, studios, offices, storage spaces and domestic homes. From builders, beauticians, bakers and joiners, to interiors and curtain making only naming a few of our talented artisans. Your car can be fixed while you enjoy a coffee or lunch in one of the cafes or perhaps you are here to visit our wine shop and bar or enjoy an artisan pizza as an evening treat? Maybe you are here to visit the microbrewery or order bespoke joinery works?


We offer workshop, office, studio & storage spaces as well as domestic lets.

What ever space you are looking for Groves has most likely got it within our 8-acre yard in the middle of Milton-under-Wychwood. Modern units sit side-by-side with old historic buildings and houses creating the most charming place to work. Whether you are looking for a short term storage option, an industrial unit for your business or a historic building to compliment your artisan trade, the Yard is home to app 30 differently sized units.


Carpe diem!

If nothing else, Covid, Brexit, the current situation in Ukraine and climate change is teaching us to seize the moment and appreciate what we have.  The rapidly changing world is more visible than ever and the sense of community and belonging is becoming increasingly important. At Groves we want to support small businesses and people who want to make a difference to their local environment by providing the community with locally produced goods and services.


If you would like to become part of Groves Yard please let us know by getting in touch