My space is my sanctuary


40 diverse ranges of affordable spaces

We offer up to 40 diverse ranges of affordable spaces with free daily parking, access to electrics, internet, rest rooms and water.


Storage options

We offer container storage solutions on a short or long term basis as well as smaller sized units for this purpose. 


Business and workshop units

With a range of mostly historic old industrial units, stables and houses we offer small, medium & large sized spaces for the individual artisan maker and retailer. These units are mainly based to the front of The Yard inviting the public on board and contributing to an increasingly vibrant feel to the Yard


Office lets

‘Working from home’ sometimes sounds more charming than the actual reality of juggling a zoom call with the noise of homelife! Groves is committed to creating convenient offices for our locals. Dotted around the Yard we offer several small to medium sized office spaces.


Industrial Units

To the middle and back of the yard we offer large modern industrial units with spacious access points for lorries and artics.

Please contact for more information.


Domestic Lets

We offer a few domestic lets within- and outside of the Yard. From small to large flats to whole period cottages we can accommodate families or individuals.